Media Feature: CRM

Automatic Diarization – Page 12
However, CRM tools are only as effective as the data that’s being entered. With the Rapid Response from DMT Development Systems Group Inc., data is harnessed as soon as a salesperson completes the action, and it automatically diarizes it. “It saves on many steps, “ notes Glen Demetrioff, president at DMT. “Sales consultants don’t have to do anything extra. They provide an action to fulfil a customer request.” Whenever a sales consultant responds to a customer by email or phone, the system gleans and pulls information automatically. “There’s no need to retype or summarize,” says Demetrioff. “We’re continuing to add these types of modules to pull information from the current sales process, to provide further intelligence into what’s happening on the floor.”

Blurred Lines – Page 12
Blurred lines But CRM is only as good as the tools it can work with. At DMT Development Systems Group Inc., their Rapid Response CRM integrates into a sales consultant’s day-to-day routine. “If I use my outlook calendar, it should be synchronized with my CRM tool,” says Glen Demetrioff, president of DMT. “To add it twice or to have two different [versions] of my daily journal would be inefficient. I know my personal appointments on my phone, and it’s good to also have my work appointments.” The line between work and personal life schedules has become blurred. “It becomes counter-productive if you’re jumping and toggling between schedules,” notes Demetrioff. “To keep me organized and on track, CRM needs to be reflective of what I’m doing at the moment. Both of them need to come together.” As an example, he cites Microsoft Word. “You use it for work and for play. I use the exact same tools to communicate with my kids – like my smartphone – to communicate with my customers. We want Rapid Response to be an extension of my life, my personal digital assistant. Our focus is to provide that type of experience for the end user, to integrate my personal tools with my work tools, so they integrate seamlessly.”

Accountability – Page 14
Increasing the visibility, and thereby the accountability of the DMT Development Systems Group Inc. “Rapid Response” lead management tool, has raised the bar on handling telephone and Internet inquiries. “If a customer inquires about a specific vehicle and has submitted a lead, a salesperson responds using any handheld device, computer or tablet,” says Glen Demetrioff, president of DMT. “In real time, the sales manager can see on any mobile device, a miniature dashboard that shows them exactly what their sales consultants are saying to customers. That’s a huge leap in connectivity and real time reporting, because the manager knows what their sales consultant is saying on a particular inquiry.” It helps managers understand how sales consultants are responding to consumers, and in turn, how to make their consultants more professional and attentive to e-leads. “It could be the difference in a sale – or a lost sale,” says Demetrioff.

Beyond Boundaries – Page 15
Although CRM provides a range of ways to interact with a customer who has contacted a dealership, there’s a new wave on the horizon – influencing the customer beyond the traditional sales boundaries. “How do we influence a customer to engage with the brand prior to walking into the showroom?” asks Glen Demetrioff, president at DMT Development Systems Group, Inc. “If we can somehow influence the behaviour of the consumer before they walk into the showroom and manage that relationship higher up, that’s where we see a huge opportunity.” Demetrioff thinks there is a way to engage customers while they’re viewing information online, offering information about a brand, a product and a dealership. “If we meet them in the digital space, create a relationship with them further up in the purchase funnel, then we can start working with them sooner,” Demetrioff says. It’s something that DMT is working on right now. “In the CRM space, there are a lot of great tools, and they do a fantastic job,” notes Demetrioff. “They’re all focused on the same important elements of your business, where the deal is transacted.” But there’s a need to create a relationship that’s beyond traditional bricks and mortar. “How do we get more people into our CRM?” says Demetrioff. “That’s where we see our Rapid Response CRM tool heading, where we continue to change, because we need to engage people further out.”

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