Winnipeg’s DMT Provides Children’s Wish with Record Donation for Third Year with $110,000

DMT Development Systems Group Inc. (DMT) has once again provided Children’s Wish Foundation, Manitoba & Nunavut Chapter with the largest corporate donation in the Chapter’s history with a record sum of $110,104. This is the third year in a row that the company, a global IT solutions provider for the automotive industry headquartered on the University of Manitoba campus, has surpassed this milestone.

“We have been working with DMT since 2014, when they came out of nowhere only to surprise us with a record breaking donation. They did it again in 2015 and now again in 2016. Achieving a donation of this magnitude three years in a row is astonishing and a true testament to the character of their people,” said Maria Toscano, Provincial Director of Children’s Wish Foundation, Manitoba & Nunavut Chapter. “We are thrilled to see corporations like DMT put their weight behind the support of such a worthy cause while empowering their team members to do the same. Helping children fulfill a wish is not only a wonderfully rewarding experience, it speaks volumes about a company and its people.”

The donation will help Children’s Wish Foundation, which receives no government funding, fulfill a number of local wishes for children living with high-risk, life threatening illnesses.

The funds are a result of DMT’s internal giving program known as “Payroll for the Needy”, which selects one charity per year as part of the company’s philosophy of giving back to the community. Driven by voluntary employee pledges, staff contributions are matched dollar for dollar by DMT. In the 14 years the organization has been running the program, it has achieved an astonishing 100% participation rate among its staff.

“I am incredibly proud to work for an organization with such an unbelievable sense of community and compassion,” said Nima Moradi, a designer at DMT who has participated in all Payroll for the Needy campaigns since joining the company 4 years ago. “Knowing every day that I am working alongside a group of amazingly generous people for an organization with such a strong commitment to giving back is very humbling.”

“The success of this campaign lies entirely within the hearts of our staff. The unbelievable level of generosity and caring they display is a testament to their character and leaves me feeling incredibly proud to be part of their team. We’ve heard them loud and clear: Children’s Wish Foundation is a cause they are excited to support,” said Glen Demetrioff, President and CEO of DMT Development Systems Group Inc. “I hope the mere fact that a group of 200 people are able to make such a large impact on the lives of others serves as inspiration for others to come together and rally behind a cause as worthy as Children’s Wish Foundation.”


From left to right:
Allie Clear and Maria Toscano of Children’s Wish Foundation, Sharon and Glen Demetrioff of DMT Development Systems Group Inc., along a group of DMT’s more than 200 employees.

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